Saturday, November 14, 2009

Name Decision and Thanks

Alright, I have decided on a name. Thank you all so very very much for giving me your opinions. They truly helped! I really appreciate all your comments and votes. Since I have already made my decision I am going to remove the poll. I am working on getting things organized so that I will be able to announce my decision this coming week.

I am also working on getting my very own sewing room organized. My dad has kindly allotted me a portion of the basement just for my sewing. It probably about 50% or more of the way set up down there and I even did some sewing this week down there.  Since our basement is only half underground there is plenty of light coming through the the three (or four?) big windows in my space. I have a table set up for cutting material out on. Wow! It is so nice to not be on the floor! Much more comfortable. :) So far I am really happy with my place. Thanks Dad!

Also, thank you to my dad for supporting my interest in clothing design since I was young. Several years ago my dad took me to the Sewing Expo and bought me a wonderful Huskvarna Viking Sewing Machine. It works really smoothly and I virtually never had a problem with it. Makes sewing so much more enjoyable.

While I am thanking people... I also thank my Papa for my superb camera! Without him I wouldn't be able to get the great quality gorgeous photos of my creations.

Life is better when you take time to realize who supports you. At least it helps me to be far more content and happy.

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