Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Branding and Logo Ideas

Alright, I had a meeting a couple weeks ago with a friend who is also trying to start her own clothing business. That went well. It gave me a few new ideas and a little bit of direction. Dan and I will be taking some business planning seminars later this month. I made two skirts last week. I haven't been able to get pictures of them yet since it has been too gray and cloudy. I got some lovely photos today! They will be at the end of this post.

I finished a dress that fits the theme of my designs and I do have photos of that. See the sign thing (I don't know what to call it) I made with my favorite photo right here next to all these words, you can't miss it. I am still doing some brainstorming with this design, trying to figure out how to make it more versatile in regard to size. I already have another similar dress design in mind. Actually I have a lot of designs in mind!

On to what this post is really about... I need a name for my business. I am thinking about going with Daniel Danielle and I have a really cute logo to go with that name. So... as of right now I am heavily leaning towards that, but I really want opinions! I want your opinion! I need to know if it actually a good name or if I am just sentimental about it. Should I go with it or should I go with something different? I  also have the idea of Adrian Morgan. Long story short it is just a name I like put together with Dan's last name and I really like how it sounds. Sooo what about that?  I think it could work really well, but I don't have a logo to go with it. What do you think!? If you have an idea for something different, let me know!


Gah! It was so hard to pick these few photos to show you. And, the blue skirt got a little bit cheated because it was getting too dark out for me to take good photos. There will be another photoshoot! And, I really want to get some photos of these skirts on people.

These skirts are really awesome for lots and lots of reasons. I should make a whole nother post about that...

Don't forget to voice your opinion on my business name!


  1. Skirts are lots of fun to play with, you can wear them anyway you can think of. It's inspiring to have a different color on the inside...makes me want to wear it creatively.. tuck one end up or wrap it around!
    I can't wait to see more of your designs & more pix!

    p.s. Sam was lovely the other night in a blue one!

    -Jes Maike

  2. I think Danielle Daniel sounds better.

  3. Danielle Daniel seems to be taken by a story telling group. I googled both titles and nothing came up for Daniel Danielle. It sounds good. It has a smooth ring to it. I like it! It sounds like the two of you sre on a roll! Keep up the awsome work with the designs.

  4. hey- i LOVE the logo! i don't think you're just being senitmental.. i think it definitely works and i would keep "daniel" first.. it's easier to pronounce and having the title end with the "elle" sounds elegant. good luck girl!

  5. How about She-Dan?! (Just kidding!)

    Beautiful work, Danielle! Do you have an etsy store?


  6. Thank you everyone who has commented so far! I truly appreciate your opinions.

    I will set up an etsy store just as soon as I figure out what to name it. ;-)

  7. I love the logo and think it is really eye catching so I would have to go with the first one Daniel Danielle, I cant wait to see more!

  8. I don't know...I have to admit I'm not wild about it.

    I like the heart d thing though at the bottom.

    Let me think it over...

    Love your cousin, anne

  9. I like Daniel Danielle, but if you put it just as letters, it’s DD which isn’t so nice. . . I like your D squared idea, it could be a cool logo. I think you should go with that, Daniel Danielle, and have that be your logo. I could probably throw something together for you in Ai. . . Let me know!

  10. Hmm. I love the logo! However, I'm not sure I'd go with the name Daniel Danielle. First off, I find it hard to pronouce, but that's just me. Also, I saw Mark's comment on Facebook and would have to agree with him on the name. Personally, I don't think it's wise at this point to name your business after a relationship in which you're not engaged in. Again, just my opinion :)

    As for other name suggestions, I think that your name should represent your clothing line style. For example, if your clothing will be more formal or something (think J.Crew or Ann Taylor), you may want to go for a more elegant name. If your clothing were more in that category, I might chose something like D. Elizabeth (as Mark suggested). I've struggled coming up with a name for my photography business and I've recently come to realize that I should base the name off my style of photography. If I like the grunge look better, I might go for a rough-sounding name.

    Anyways. Eeek! I hope I'm making some sense. Maybe I'll just call you later - I can explain this better by talking ;)

  11. I'm with Kristin, who was with me.

    I still like D. Elizabeth. :]

    - Mark

  12. I like D. Elizabeth and Daniel Danielle, they're both great. :]

    -Carey Ann

  13. Thank you everyone! I think I am getting closer to making a decision. =) I appreciate all your help!

  14. I like Daniel Danielle, but as hinted above, making double D references might not be very polite.

  15. "Simeon." Its bold, catchy, and brings to mind a particularly handsome young man.

    p.s. I am anonymous, not Simeon.

  16. Daniel Danielle is a little rough. I would go along the lines of Danielle Designs or something that infers that you create clothing or art. If i saw the product name, Daniel Danielle, i wouldn't know what to expect. I also agree that by referring to yourself as DD can have some unwanted sexual connotations. But! i do like the clothes. Keep up the good work. Whatever design name you decide on will feel'll know.

  17. I love Simeon. :)

    I agree with the above comments, especially Kristin's about basing a product line off a not-yet-formal relationship (though you, of course, know that I love you and Dan both and can't wait till you get married--which you will).
    DD can, as said above, have some unwanted connotations. D-squared sounds cool, but I've seen several "X-squared" clothing lines/stores already, and I'm not sure it's that original anymore...
    I love that Leap Year Baby has been your name for a long time, though, and I think it actually represents your style well. Your style is flirty and brightly colored and bold, and somehow, I think Leap Year Baby fits that. I kinda get this...I don't know, futuristic or bold vibe from it.
    But that's just me.
    :) I'm still thinking!

    Abby numero 2