Monday, October 19, 2009

For Sale - Cowboy Boots

I bought these Boulet cowboy boots brand new for $150. I didn't wear them much. They are in good condition. I never wore them in wet weather. They have many miles left in them! I simply hope that someone else will be able to enjoy them as all they are doing now is sitting in my closet. Leather soles. Rubber heels. Women's size 8 1/2. They are true to size. I am asking $65.


  1. okay first of all the picture on the top left makes me crack up laughing, i just looked at it and saw and invisible model standing in them, so much personality, nice photography!
    secondly the boots are amazing but im sure they would sit dormant in my closet as well:(

  2. I'm here! Lurking. Just super busy the past month. I've been lucky to breathe. Still here though! Keep the posting up!

  3. Thank you Colette.

    Thanks for reading Karen! You know I starting this with your encouragement. ;-)