Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Hair Clips Ever

These and these are they best hair clips ever. They stay in place all day long. If anyone is ever wondering what a good gift for me would be you could not go wrong with these. Only not in green. I never wear green. Pink, purple, blue, red, black and clear. Those are all good.

Above the clips are probably about 1/4 wide and come in sets of 5. Below the clips are probably about 1/2 maybe 3/4 inches wide and come as singles. A pair of them is always really nice.  The clips are entirely metal (well you know, expect for the crystals) and I think that is why they stay in so great.

SoHo is an Asian company. I am not sure from where exactly. The English on their website is not great and they always have Asian girls working the Kiosks in the malls, but I swear they really are the best hair clips of all time. They are worth the money. I just don't really have much money right now... yeah and you, my reader, whoever you are, because barely anyone ever actually comments on my blog even though they read it, you probably don't really have much money either.


  1. oooohhhh, those are so pretty! much better than those boring ones you find elsewhere :)

  2. I know! They are pretty and functional!