Monday, October 19, 2009


I am writing about animonday today because today is monday and I am excited. that I get to go tonight. I miss animonday so much in California! It is just so lonely watching anime by myself.

Animonday gives me some stability in life. It is always there every week. Pretty much it consists of watching 1-2 episodes of 3 different series of anime and then watching a live action. Oh yeah, and we watch all that on a projector! It is nice and big.

My favorite anime that we are watching right now is Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. We started this back in early summer. I have been keeping up with this series most faithfully while in California.

Over the summer for our live action we watched Firefly (and Serenity). Firefly kind of reminded me of Cowboy Bebop. You know, the whole space cowboys theme. Anyway, I rarely watch any TV series and I really liked Firefly. Having watched Firefly helped me to make some friends in California.

When Firefly was over we started Dr. Who. Dr. Who is alright. I don't really follow along. Also, since Heros started up again we are watching that. I don't understand that show one bit. It is so freakin dramatic. I think it is just too unrealistic for me.

There are probably about a dozen regular attendees and multiple other people that randomly show up. I like it when there aren't too many people there. Sometimes when there are a lot of people they don't really pay attention to the show and cause distractions by talking. My favorite people at animonday (other than Dan of course. He is my most favorite of all and it is because of him that I know about animonday):

Josh is the awesome person who puts all the effort in animonday.  (He also Dan's cousin and best friend) He watches everything before we do to make sure it worth our time. He buys soda and peanut M&Ms for people to munch on. He used to buy pizza too, but I guess he couldn't afford it anymore. Now people just buy their own pizza and bring it with them. Anyway, Josh is awesome because he is, not because he does animonday every week. Although that does help. Since Josh has already watched everything we watch he doesn't really sit down with us an watch it again. He is busy being a good a host. Often after every one else leaves Dan and I will stay longer and hang out with him. Josh usually has to practically push us out the door.

Jordan tells me that he co-founded animonday with Josh. I am not doubting that information, but I have not verified it. Jordan has watched the entire Firefly series about a million times. Jordan likes back massages and being gay with my boyfriend. He is just envious that I get to cuddle with Dan and he has no one to cuddle with. Except for that recently changed. Jordan has his own cuddle person now, and she is a girl! More specifically his girlfriend named Amy. Jordan is way heavier than he looks. You know, like a meteor. Have you ever seen a meteor? They look like rocks, only somehow they weigh far more. I don't really know how that works. Jordan is also way better looking than rocks and meteors. 

Simeon is Dan's other best friend. Simeon is fun to be around. You know what, I don't think I have ever seen Simeon be in a really bad mood. He is spontaneous and random. He was the most surprised when I showed up to animonday last week. As soon as he saw me his face lit up and he gave me a great hug. It is Simeon that gave me the nickname She-Dan. Simeon eats the peanut M&Ms even though he is allergic to peanuts. Don't worry, his throat just swells and closes up a little. I think he likes the dangerous feeling of being closer to death. Last week Simeon shared a slice of his pizza with me. Yeah, he is pretty nice.

 Alright, so I think that sums up animonday pretty well. =)


  1. Sounds cool! I've never heard of animae before :) Glad you've been able to go while you're here in MI. It's always fun to do things with good friends :)

  2. Haha, so cute, Dan. I love that you decide to talk about Animonday.
    PS: I love Simeon.
    And: I laughed so hard at your description of meteors and Jordan being like one.

  3. YEAH!!! DAN!!!
    I loved how you talked about Jordan and the Meteors :) No i have never picked up a meteor.

    FMA, Avatar and Dr. Who are the best!

  4. You're right! I do like danger!

    P.S. Commenting on a blog is girl-ish like writing one, right?

  5. OMG! Yay for comments! Thanks people!

    No Simeon, commenting on a blog is not girlish. Especially if you are mentioned in the post. ;-)

  6. Meteors have nothing on me. not even close!

    and josh can verify my claims as the truth.

    its not gay, its just true love

  7. Jordan- True love is for girls... so ya, kinda gay.