Friday, October 23, 2009

Into the Ocean

Some of you might have noticed my facebook status earlier this week that stated I was "on this brink of something new." Now that I have stepped into the ocean I can speak more about what it is I am embarking on. I decided not to continue Insight. Although it wasn't quite what I expected I still think it is a fine program, but right now it isn't the best for me. What I am going to be doing instead is focusing on starting my own clothing business. I am not exactly sure how to do that, but I know that now is the time to dive in. I won't know any better until I do.

I am really excited! This is what I have always wanted to do. For as long as I remember I have wanted to have my own clothing company. Not just have my designs produced by someone else, but my very own company.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 8 I had my own snack wagon. I took a loan from my dad, bought a bunch of snacks, filled up my little red wagon and walked around selling at my little brothers baseball games. It passed the time and made me some money as well. When I was 17 my brother and I bought some glowsticks wholesale and sold them door to door to make money so we could go to camp. We had enough glowsticks left over that we sold them just outside the Livonia Spree on the fireworks night. That night is one of my favorite memories of all time. I had 3 or 4 people helping me and we could not take the money fast enough!

One of the major things that has kept me from starting my own business before now is lack of real business knowledge. It doesn't take much to start a little snack food or glowstick operation, but a legitimate business takes so much more. Not mention all the legalities involved. Just the thought of all the paperwork I'd have to do kills my motivation. Well, it just so happens that my bestest friend ever actually really likes business. While I lay awake at night thinking of designs he lays awake thinking of business strategies. God sure knew what He was doing when He put us two together.

So, Tuesday morning I flew to California and packed up all my things. I am now back in Michigan. Saturday I have an appointment with a friend who has started doing something similar to what I want to do.  Hopefully meeting with her will give me some better direction.

You can pray for me and Dan. That God will give us direction and wisdom. Also, that we will trust God. We need to do our part, but truly if this is going to get off that ground it will be God's doing.


  1. Wow. That is pretty interesting and awesome. I hope you get what you are looking for. Lets see each other now ok?

  2. mmmk. I was at swing tonight and you were not. Yeah.

    Are you doing Epic at NR or something?

  3. I don’t to much of anything anymore. I have class that night, and among other things, I am either working or in class. So.

  4. oook. I see. I want to be in a Bible study, but I don't really want to plug in to a new group of people. So I was thinking it might be nice to start a Bible Study/Small Group/Fellowship thing at my house with the friends I already have. We could get to know each other better and actually support each other in life. Might you be interested?

  5. I would definitely! Maybe we could exchange schedules?
    And you need to write something else because I’ve run out of reading material on your blog. Ha :P
    And might I ask why you got a “blogger” and not a wordpress? I played with a couple different blog types, and I set on wordpress for a couple of reasons. I actually have a blogger but I never use it.