Sunday, August 16, 2009


This post is somewhat random and full of photos.

This is most of the stuff I am taking just after Dan and I pulled it all out of the closets and drawers. It is pretty much just clothing as I am planning on buying all liquids when I get there.

All neat and folded! I was fooled into thinking it wasn't much.

Four suitcases and two boxes later it is all a huge mess again.

I was planning on flying out tomorrow morning, but the flights are too full and so I won't be able to make it till Tuesday. I am glad for one more day with my family, but a little anxious about everything I will now have to do on Tuesday. Orientation starts early Wednesday morning. The first class is Friday. I suppose tomorrow is the calm before the storm (i.e. non-stop studying).

My amazing BESTfriend and boyfriend. He is so organized. He helped me immensely. He wrote a list of everything that I needed to take and even remembered all my girl things.

Last night I had my closest friends over. I don't like big parties. It was nice to have them all together. I felt very cared about. They even surprised me with a Purple iPod nano! Who has the awesomest friends? ME! I am so thankful for everyone who was there last night. You know who you are. There are not words for how much I appreciate all of you! (p.s. I'd love you all just as much even if you didn't get me an iPod)

Every Monday I watch anime with my Boyfriend, his cousin, and a bunch of their friends. I am going to miss animonday so much! It was the one thing I made sure I did almost every week this summer. Dan set up my computer so I can download the newest episodes every week and not get behind while I am away.

Since I am going to be doing so much reading at Insight I went and got my eyes checked. My eyes often go unfocused when I try to read. It also happens even if I am just driving or shopping. But, it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes I can read a whole book and be fine. The eye doctor said I did need glasses but for a very light prescription. I am no so sure I agree with him. Yeah, I know, he is the doctor. However, I felt that he really didn't listen to me when I was trying to explain the problem to him. Also, I already have glasses and my eyes do the blurry thing even with them. I am going to get some Vitamin A and take that everyday. I am curious if that will help. I don't eat a whole lot so it is quite possible that I could have a vitamin deficiency. I am thinking this is more likely since I don't seem to experience the blurriness all the time. Mmmk. So, if you have any other ideas as to what is up with my eyes feel free to let me know. I will let you all know how vitamin A works.

Me and my best girlies!

I just found out that if you click on this photos they get HUGE! I didn't downsize them before uploading. I will remember to do that next time.


  1. LOVE that picture and I LOVE all of us :)

  2. Photographically speaking it is a pretty awful picture. But we all are quite adorable and I think that makes up for it here. ;-)