Sunday, August 16, 2009


Dan and I had just gotten out of a late movie in the middle of May and I had to use the restroom. The theater had already locked up so we went across the street to Meijers. It was there in between 1 and 2am that we found ourselves on the floor picking out seeds. We decided to have a garden. Three months later this is what we have:

This is no small garden! As it stands now it is 36'x36' , not including some watermelon growing off to the east side. I think next year we will make it even bigger (add potatoes) and put up some sort of fence. Something ate all our green bean plants. Any ideas for a cheap fence? I have another stump to go by the entrance, it just didn't get there this year. A nice clump of chocolate mint is growing in the center stump. It smells so good!

In this shot you can see our 15 broccoli plants. One of the few items we didn't start from seed. I have yet to see any broccoli. I grew broccoli two years ago and let me tell you, it was the best broccoli I have ever had! So sweet! If all you ever had is grocery store broccoli you are missing out. Also in this shot you can see the beautiful marigolds Dan got in the hopes of warding off some of the animals and bugs. I don't know if they are working at all, but I sure they think they look nice.

These are our zucchini plants. They grew so well at first that we had 14 plants in this little square. We didn't get around to transplanting any of them so they ended up killing each other off.

The mint growing in the center stump.

Yellow onions. A few weeks ago the tops were still standing up so tall. Then I weeding the patch and a couple days later they started drooping. I am not sure if the onions are done growing and I should pick them? Or if I somehow damaged them? Or if this is just normal?

Here you can see our green pepper plants in the foreground, the cucumber plants behind them and you can even see some of the green bean plants in the top corner. If you can see the stakes up there seemingly in the middle of the grass, that is where the watermelons are growing.

Our garden is so beautiful thanks to Dan. He is such a hard worker, he doesn't stop until the job is done. I am so thankful for everything he has done with the garden! It would not be anywhere near what it is without him.

Oh by the way, this garden in far away from any electricity. We use my dad's tractor (thank you Dad!) to get water from the pond and then poor it over the garden with buckets. It takes several trips back and forth to get the garden all watered. It is fun though. Last time Dan and I did it we didn't even start until 8:30pm. It got dark quickly, but that didn't deter us. We just got the car and turned the headlights on. Dan almost got the tractor stuck in the pond (yes, in the dark!). It felt so grand when we finally got it free!


  1. oh..
    I want a Dan so I can plant a super awesome garden with him.
    This is what I want to do with Abby, but she doesn't like gardening...

  2. She doesn't like gardening!? The is preposterous. She must garden. I am serious. Someday we may not be able to get food from grocery stores, and then what is she going to do? That is one of the reasons Dan and I garden. We want to learn now before it becomes a necessity.

  3. im all for gardening. my garden is huge. but why wouldnt we be able to get food from grocery stores?

  4. In short, our society is breaking down. All the implications of that mean that someday grocery stores will not be able to supply food to the American public and therefore food will be rare and valuable.

  5. If we take good care of our garden it will look like this all the time (after we build a fence.) those dear ate ALL the green bean plants and a bunch of the cucumbers and zucchini.