Friday, July 09, 2010

I am really bad with titles. I am not going to stress myself out about that anymore. See, no title for this post!

I lost my job today.

I am terribly emotional about this.

YES, I KNOW God has a plan. I don't doubt that. But I still mourn the loss.

I was working as a Nanny. I don't think I am at liberty to talk about the situation. I was able to meet with my agency today and talk with my boss. She helped me to feel a bit better about what happened and assured me that she doesn't think any less of me and will certainly try and give me a new placement.

I am losing several thousand dollars because of this, but the bigger reason it has me so upset is because of the children. I don't even know if I will ever get to see them again. I don't know what they were told. I can only imagine how upset they will be. I really enjoyed spending time with them. They adored me. We were looking forward to the rest of the summer together. Now we don't even get to say goodbye.


  1. Oh, that must be so hard. I can't imagine being so attached to a child and then suddenly not being able to see them again. I hope you find another job soon!

  2. Oh, how terrible... I'm sooo sorry....


  3. A couple friends and I are starting up a new website/blog for set-apart sisters to connect and share. We'd love you to be a part of it! Blessings, Hannah Rose