Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Shop for my Photography!

I just set up an Etsy shop for my fine art prints. I am soo happy with how the shop is looks. Here are a few of my photos. I can't say favorites, because I love all the photos I listed! 

I worked on these images Jan-May by visiting local conservatories. I shot all the images with a fixed length macro lens. It was my first time shooting with macro and I really enjoyed it!

Part of what gives my photos such a unique look is my post process. I used this thing called textures in photoshop. I got the textures from Obsidian Dawn (and have since purchases a license to be able to use the textures commercially). I really love a lot of the neat stuff available for photoshop at Obsidian Dawn.

Alright! Here is a link to my photo shop

Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

  1. Neat! Thanks for posting about your new Etsy Site-- busy gal!
    I've noticed the trend in "shooting with a macro" something I knew nothing about when I was your age. I recently came across a read by Mike Moats for my daughter Hannah who is avidly living, learning and loving photography too!
    May your success be picture perfect with your Etsy Shop.