Tuesday, April 06, 2010


This is something that I am more than simply unskilled at. The need to declutter paralyzes me. It ruins my whole day.  I know I need to do it so I am constantly on the edge. I can't really focus on anything else... yet I can't just declutter.  I wish I could. I waste so much time almost cleaning.  

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  1. Danielle, Craving open spaces has ruined my day at times because I was constantly on the edge about my want of de-cluttering. I believe I was addicted to de-cluttering because I couldn't focus on anything else. No addiction is good, mine was destructive as I would carelessly and foolishly throw things out. I needed to put to rest any notion that my decluttering addiction was good and STOP IT! To stop it mean to rely upon the grace of God in my deprivation of de-cluttering. God intends for me to have a life of joy and freedom, not endless suffering and pain. Some may say "ah Christine, decluttering, just get over it." But you know God perfects that which concerns me and I don't want to have control over any area of my life that God's grace needs to be in control over. I thank God for the season I was "paralyzed" as you so rightly described it; he has shown me the sufficiency of His grace in my trouble here... I appreciate your honesty in this subject.