Monday, March 29, 2010

Comfy Pants

I pretty much have a complete hate relationship with jeans right now. They are just so darn uncomfortable. So I fell in love with yoga pants. I got a pair for Christmas and I ordered another pair a few months later. Still, I wanted more. Because hey, when they are the only thing you want to wear two pairs is simply not enough.

Well, my boyfriend pretty much forbid me from purchasing any more. He said also said that if I wanted more I would have to make them myself. What?! That doesn't even make sense to me. Yesss, I am pretty sure I am capable of making my own, but it is just easier to click online and have them show up at my doorstep. 

So for a couple weeks I contemplated just going ahead and purchasing another pair. Then finally I decided I'd at least try and make a pair myself. I stopped by Joann's to look for the appropriate fabric. I found none. I went online. They have a world of stretchy fabric. After a bit of research I found the suitable fabric and put in my order. And then tada, a few days later it was at my door. The acquired fabric was exactly what I needed! Yay! I heart shopping online!

Of course I washed and dried the fabric first and then I set out to make my pattern. Yeah that is right, I didn't use a purchased pattern. k. So I took the last pair of yoga pants that I had bought and sorta carefully traced them on some old wrapping paper. Added some seam allowances. Cut it out. Laid out fabric. Pinned on brand new pattern. Cut it all out. Then after a bit of pinning and sewing I had my new pants. 

Yesss! I did it! I made my very own pair of yoga pants! It wasn't really as difficult as I thought it would be and the pants turned out really awesome. They look and fit just the ones I copied them from. 

-insert photo of me and my awesome new pants here-

You may have noticed there is no actual photo above.  Well, there is a reason for that. Just trust me. ;-)

I do my best to comply with my boyfriend's wishes even when I don't understand. I'd say in most cases this turns out for the better. In this case it certainly did. I actually enjoyed the experience, plus the pants cost about half as much as buying an equal pair. I might never buy another pair again.


  1. Neat! I suppose knowing how to sew comes in pretty handy when on a budget! I might just try learning...

  2. I noticed you mentioned complying with your boyfriend's wishes even when you don't understand. Is this something you feel is a biblical mandate? As a wife, it is my biblical duty to submit to my husband. In turn, both of us pray that God will give Tim the wisdom to lead our little family of 2 in the way we should go, as the head of our household. However, since Dan is not the head of your household yet, why do you place yourself under his authority?

    On the other note, you have inspired me to attempt sewing yoga pants. This could be fun... -Megan Calhoun

  3. It is not really a matter of authority, but simply respecting and valuing the other person's opinions. It goes both ways.

    I guess I used some overly harsh language in the above post. Dan would have certainly allowed me to do what I wanted with my money, but he made it quite clear that he would prefer I didn't spend it on more pants. Why shouldn't I take his wishes into consideration?

    Have you ever sewn any stretchy fabrics before? it is a bit different from woven fabric. If you want more detailed tips for sewing your own pants I would be happy to help.

  4. ah, yes, taking his opinion into consideration does make more sense. and yes, i have sewn with some stretchy fabrics - they can be kinda tricky! thanx for the offer. good luck with the rest of your sewing endeavors. i'm actually kinda getting back into it after a long break.... i just made myself a new dress and am in the process of making myself a matching clutch. :-D