Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green Apples and Hearts

Ooooook. Well. After my boyfriend remarked that my hair smelled like a hotel, without even knowing that I used shampoo from a hotel, I decided to go ahead and purchase some new hair washing products. I bought some basic shampoo and conditioner in green apple scent from Suave. It smells really yummy! Plus, it was only about a dollar a bottle. That is worth it. So much for my experiments. ahahaha.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Dan and I aren't doing anything special. But he did just ask me to be his valentine and I said yes! =) Thennnn I asked if he would be my valentine and guess what!? He said yes!!! Mmmm. I love my Dan. 

My daddy got me some Ghirardelli chocolates for valentines day. He gave them to me on Wednesday because he is on a trip for like five days or something. Anyway, the chocolate is amazing! I am a bit of a chocolate snob. I eat chocolate everyday, so it is nice to have some great quality. I also felt loved that my dad noticed this about me and didn't get me something cheaper. Yes, in this case spending a little extra really did show he cares.

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  1. Dear Daniellers,
    Ask me about green apple Suave conditioner. :)
    your Abby