Friday, January 08, 2010

Cheap Date

Dan and I are together a lot, but we don't often to get to really spend leisure time together.  We don't really have any extra spending money, so when it comes to dates... well, they usually just don't happen!  But at this point, I really needed one, so I was looking for something interesting and economical to do together when I remembered that my library participates in a museum program where you get to check out a special pass that waives the entrance fee to several area museums. So, yesterday we stopped by my local library and decided on the Ford Rouge Factory Tour.

Neither one of us really knew anything about it, but it was something to do, and it was was free. ;-) Since Dan's dad happens to work near the Rouge Factory we visited him at his office and had lunch with him and several other lawyers. It was nice to see Mr. Morgan's office as I had never been there before. After lunch we headed over to The Henry Ford for the tour.

You have to take a bus ride from The Henry Ford Museum over to The Rouge. Once we got to the factory we watched a 15min video on the history of the factory (probably my favorite part). Then we were ushered into another room with half a dozen or more screens surrounding the room and watched a "multi-sensory" video on vehicle production. It was interesting, but also probably the creepiest car movie I have ever seen! It came of as creepy mostly because the tense music. Anyway, it sure was an experience.

After this we left the group and viewed some of the historical cars produced at the factory. When we eventually made it up to the actual factory part of the tour we found out that everything was actually shut down for the whole weekend due to retooling of the line for a different model. We walked around anyway, but I would like to go back sometime and see everything in production.

After the tour is was time to hunt down some food. I really wanted some good restaurant food, but I knew we couldn't afford it. So, we headed over to Target and picked up a box of some... some sort of pasta we like and tastes as good as restaurant food but is about 1/10th the price. Then we went back to Dan's house, made the pasta and it ate it one his new bed from Ikea (which is really awesome by the way!).

Oh yes, and to make the whole day even better I brought my camera and decided to take photos in black and white. We got some great photos that just wouldn't be the same in color. Now for your viewing pleasure. (Dan took the second and third photo and obviously neither one of us took the last one)

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