Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hope Chest Stuff

I found a list of things I wrote when I was younger that I wanted to collect for my hope chest. I just re-copied it into a new notebook and thought of even a few more things to add to it! Here is the list if you are interested, it is mostly things that may seem trivial but I know I would use in my kitchen (like a can opener!)

-measuring cups
-measuring spoons
-baking spatuala
-wire wisk
-rolling pin
-wooden spoons
-mixing bowls
-muffin tin
-tea pot
-loaf pans
-pie plates
-cake pans
-cutting board
-measuring pitcher
-biscuit cutter
-pasta scoop
-garlic press
-cookie sheets
-pie server
-can opener
-pastry cutter
-salt and pepper mills
-food chopper
-knife set

-bath towels
-hand towels
-dish clothes
-drying towels
I don't want to get table clothes because I don't know what size table I will have.

-dinner plates-
-lunch plates
-dessert plates
-drinking glasses
-mugs (but they have to be pretty ones. for tea and hotchocolate)
-serving utensils
-salad bowl (I would also use for pasta)
-ice cream dishes

I hadn't really thought about funrniture. then I saw this lovely table and chair set at salvation army for $40! it was already sold, but it starting me thinking. I told my dad about it he said I was welcome to store some things in the basement.

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