Thursday, August 06, 2009


Tired of scrunching up my pillow just the way I wanted only to have it move I decided to give this pillow from Ikea a chance. I have wanted a contour memory form pillow for a long while now, but they cost around $100. Ikea's version is a tenth of that. That is right, only $10. I am so glad I bought it! My neck feels so much better and I get less headaches ever since sleeping with this pillow. Guess what else... I don't drool at all with this pillow! Yeah, I normally drool when I sleep, but not with this.

Ikea sells this pillow as an inner core. It is intended to go inside a fluffy outer pillow. I bought the outer pillow and tried them out together. I found that for me I simply like the core alone. Also, my chiropracter said that because the pillow was so cheap it will break down sooner. Around 3 months. I will keep this is mind. For now I am quite happy with my cheap pillow. I am glad I found out that I really like this type of pillow without burning a hole in my pocket.

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