Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Schedule

Wow! I have barely had any time to even sit down since I got here. I switched from doing the program for credit to certificate. I did this for mainly financial reasons, but looking back on it now I am so glad I did! I knew this program was going to be intensive, but I am constantly surprised by just what that means. Doing the program for certificate means I won't have to take exams and I won't have to write research papers. I will have to write eight 5-page reflective papers. Other than that everything else is the same. Here is what my basic schedule looks like Mon-Fri.

6am - Wake up. Do Bible study.
7am - Breakfast
7:45am - Morning Meeting
~9am - Study Study Study
12pm - Lunch
~12:45 - Study more
1:45-3:15 - Discussion
3:15-4 - Bible discussion
4-5 - Lecture
5:30 - Dinner
Various required activities after dinner until 9pm

I am so glad I got up at 6am and started working this morning. I didn't even get everything quite done. If I waited any longer it would not have been good! 6am isn't too terrible since it is actually 9am in Michigan. I went to bed between 10-11pm. And I was so ready! I have no plans on staying up late. Since so much work is do every day before class it is important to get up and do it. Today the reading wasn't so bad. Time seemed to go by somewhat fast.

I really enjoy discussion. Pretty much that hour and half makes it all worth it. Hopefully it stays that way, or get even better.

So far I find this experience a lot like camp, except there are no leaders blowing whistles to wake me up and make sure I am at all the activities. It is all on me. There is however attendance points. Pretty much I have to attend everything and if I am 1second late I start losing points. :-/

Morning meeting is with all the missionaries here. I am assigned a small group. So, I show up to that group in the morning and everyone shares something you read in the Bible that day. The idea is to help keep everyone accountable to reading everyday. I don't like this sort of thing. Plus I am not a morning person. Anyway, after sharing time everyone gets in a big group and a few people share all over again. Then we listen to a missionary speak for ~20min. Today it was this super old man who working in Thailand for like 40years or something. I didn't really follow his talk (because IMO it wasn't well organized) and I didn't feel that he supported it well with scripture. At the end he was saying something about having coffee with people and I was totally lost. Are we supposed to have coffee or not?

I though morning meeting might be obvious, but if you have any questions about the schedule please post them! I'd really like to have something more specific to address.

Oh yeah, one last thing, Adam and Melissa (they are like the head of the program here) told all us students to come over to their house whenever we want. They live less than a block away. They seriously meant whenever. Don't they ever want to do married people things and not worry about being interrupted by needy college students?

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