Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being Green

Today I was reading about creation and made a discovery I was quite unprepared for. It is actually a simply concept, it just really struck me today. First here is the quote that enlightened me:

Furthermore, Genesis makes it clear that humans were made to be in relation not only with other humans, but also with the animals (see Gen. 2:19-20) and the rest of nature. This is poignantly stressed in the unfolding drama of the story in Genesis as the writer repeatedly calls our attention to the connection between the first human beings and the ground: humans come from the ground (2:6-7); they are to tend the ground (2:15); there sin results in cursing of the ground (3:17-19); and the ground cries out when human blood is spilled on it (4:11-12). That is to say, human destiny is bound together with nature's destiny - something that the author of Genesis knew long before twentieth-century environmentalists. (Family of Faith pg 75)
What struck me is the correlation between the ground and innocent murder.  The whole idea of being green and saving the earth is currently a national effort. In just a little more time you'll never see another classic plastic grocery bag again. I guess my thought is this: how ironic that we as a nation put so much effort in to saving the planet while not stopping to think twice about the thousands of aborted babies everyday. Although our environmentalism is well intentioned all of our best efforts will mean absolutely nothing until the spilling of innocent blood comes to an end. 


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  2. Thanks for dropping by Danielle. I don't know if you already know this but Emily spent a year living in the Aylward House attending Mimeistry before we were married so you two would probably have a lot to talk about.